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Common Conditions We Treat

As Podiatrists, our area of expertise is the lower limbs - Legs, knees, feet, ankles and toes. If you're experiencing any pain in your lower limbs, our team will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose the source of the pain, before developing a plan to get you back on your feet.

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Foot, Ankle or Leg Pain


Our team of Podiatrists are highly trained to analyse your specific biomechanics. Your wellbeing starts from your feet. If you are experiencing Foot, ankle, back, hip or knee pain, you may benefit from using orthotics to correct your biomechanics.

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Fungal Nails can come in many different appearances - thickened, discoloured, abnormally shaped and sometimes they can be quite unsightly! The good news is that these nails can be easily and painlessly treated. 

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Having an ingrown toenail can be a painful experience, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Our experienced, caring Podiatrists can often alleviate most of the pain associated with ingrown toenails immediately. We can also provide permanent treatment options which can prevent ingrown nails from returning to cause you pain again and again.

We're Proud to provide exceptional Podiatry services to over 6 locations around North-West Victoria. There is bound to be a clinic near you!

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General Nail Care

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Country Feet Podiatry has proudly supplied Swan Hill with Podiatry services since 2014. If you're experiencing any foot health conditions such as ingrown toe nail or sunsightly callus, book your appointment today!

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No foot health condition is too big of small for our Podiatrists to treat - General Nail Care is no exception. We can clip, trim and file your nails to keep your feet healthy and looking great! Podiatrists understand that it can become difficult to complete routine nail care for yourself due to a wide range of reasons. 

Fungal Nails

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Ingrown Nails

It is extremely important for diabetics to frequently monitor and manage their foot health to avoid further complications in future. Our professional team of Podiatrists use the latest foot health monitoring technology and techniques to ensure that our diabetic patients maintain the highest quality of life. Don't let your foot health deteriorate before you see a Podiatrist - prevention is the best cure!

Diabetic Foot Management

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Providing education is the key to preventing many foot and health complications. If you require information sessions from a Podiatrist about diabetic foot care or falls prevention please Click Herefor more information.


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We specialise in providing Podiatry assessment and treatment plans for people in aged care facilities, especially residents with diabetes or with a history of falls.

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